Portfolio ~ Landscapes

Quality fine art giclées (prints), gallery wrapped on stretcher bars, ready to hang.
Other sizes available upon request.
Unstretched giclées (prints) also available for you to frame at a 20% reduced price. Copyright Marlane Wurzbach 2013-2017
(Click on image to enlarge)

"Preserving Sarasota’s DeMarcay Hotel”
24”x20” $225

"Interpretation of Burns Court/
Herald Square”
24”x20” $225

“Marie Selby’s Ficus”
30”x30” $350

“Ringling’s Stairway to Paradise -
Belvedere Tower” 24”x36" $325

"A View from Selby Gardens"
Lure of the Gulf Jetty
“The Lure of the Gulf”
24”x36” $325
"Coquina Jetty at
Longboat Pass"
24”x36” $325
“Coquina Lookout”
24”x36” $325
"Solitude Porch"
24"x36" $325
"77th St. Path to the Gulf"
24"x36" $325
"Gulf Bike"
24"x36" $325
24"x36" $325
“Cedar Lane Path
to the Gulf”
24”x36” $325
Robinson Preserve
"70th St. Seagrape
Path to the Gulf"
24"x36" $325
"Cool Coquina Canopy"
24”x36” $325
"Reflections at Low Tide"
24”x36” $325
“Robinson Preserve”
30”x40” $375
"Storm Watch"
48"x36" $650
"Castles in the Sand"
48" x 36" $650
"Melissa's Morning"
48"x24" $600

“Belle Haven Cottage”
24”x20” $225

“Oak Avenue Sandcastles”
12”x12” $100

“Bradenton Beach Pier”
20”x24” $225

“Sandbar Tradition”
24”x20” $225
"Anna Maria Island Sandbar"
24"x20" $225

"Rod & Reel Pier"
24x20 $225
The City Pier
24x20 $225
Cortez Fish House
The Waterfront
24x20 $225
“Cortez Fish House”
24”x20” $225
Smooth Sailing Leffis Key
“Smooth Sailing”
36”x24" $325
“Leffis Key Octagon Lookout”
40”x30” $375
“Bean Point Foot Bridge”
40x30 $375
Willow Elm Ave Oak Avenue Foot Bridge
"Willow Avenue Foot Bridge"
40"x30" $375
"Elm Avenue Foot Bridge"
40x30 $375
"Oak Avenue Foot Bridge"
40x30 $375
Gulf Storm
"Gulf Storm"
36"x24" $325
“Oak Avenue Path to the Gulf”
36”x24” $325
"Solo Flight"
36"x24" $325

"Outer Banks"
24x20 $225

"Coconut Avenue Beach Bikes"
30"x30" $300
"Beach Grass Dunes"
36"x18" $300
“Surf Meets Sand”
40”x30” $375

"Wings Over Water"
40x30 $375

“Sauntering Sanderlings”
36”x18” $300

"Snowy Egret Surfside"
40x30 $375

"Tern, Tern, Tern"
36x18 $300

Great Egret
“Great Egret”
36”x24” $325

“Laughing Gulls, Laughing Girl”
36”x24” $325